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Dove Cameron’s New “Alchemical: Volume 1” Album!

Many people know Chloe Celeste Hosterman, or Dove Cameron, from her work at Disney such as her Disney Channel show “Liv and Maddie” and the hit-children’s movie “Descendants.” Dove Cameron has begun breaking away from Disney and becoming an artist of her own, making her own music, getting an astonishing amount of attention through one of her singles, “Boyfriend.” 

This album, in vast contrast to Cameron’s old work with Disney, is a dark noir-pop album, delving into Cameron’s insecurities as stated in an interview with Nylon, “Her forthcoming album was originally character-driven, told from the point of view of villains; over the last few months, it’s transitioned into something far more personal. “The album has gotten a lot more vulnerable as I've allowed myself to be more honest with myself,” she explains. “You find yourself in more conversations like, ‘What would the lyrics be here if I was just to say the most gut-wrenching truth that everybody's going to relate to?’(Mccarthy)

The tracklist of “Alchemical: Volume 1” is:

  1. Lethal Woman

  2. Still

  3. Breakfast

  4. Sand

  5. White Glove

  6. God’s Game

  7. Boyfriend


“Alchemical: Volume 1” is on the shorter side of albums, having eight tracks rather than the traditional thirteen, Cameron blows away her fan base regardless with its release! With previous hits such as “Breakfast” and “Boyfriend” which trended on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram. “Boyfriend,” was such a big hit that Cameron changed Alchemical from an extended play into a full fledged album, which explains the short tracklist.

The album itself is great, every track following the same noir-pop style but all with their own unique twists and compelling stories in the lyrics, a truly expressive album. Cameron clearly understands the importance of storytelling and how to project that through song, keeping a listener intrigued throughout the album. The relatable situations such as the rise and fall of relationships, confidence, love, loss, and more flawlessly let the reader make their own personal connection with the album and adds emotional value to the album, even to the listener through the stories behind the songs. It isn't just Cameron who tells her story through “Alchemical: Volume 1”, but she opens the opportunity for others to connect with her stories and feel seen.

Image courtesy of Wikimediacommons

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