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Club Spotlight: Film Club

There’s a new group of silver screen scrutineers here at Mayfair, a novel group of students curious about cinema. They have not exactly got the ball rolling just yet, being only two weeks in, but they have big plans for the future. Led by President Violet Easter and Vice President David Perez, the club hopes to be a home for aspiring filmmakers, cinema fanatics, and film geeks here at Mayfair. They meet every Wednesday in Room 207 for their activities. To find out what exactly those activities are (or will be in the future) and to understand more about this club, I interviewed Vice President David Perez.

Julian: “So, what was the reason behind founding this club?

David: “Me and Violet shared a love for film and we both wanted to make a club where we could talk about it and make our own short films.”

J: “That’s quite interesting. Well, what are some of your aspirations for this club in the future?”

D: “We hope to make our own and we hope to visit some studios, and maybe help some people get into the film business… We hope to talk about movies, we hope to just have a club where you can just enjoy [movies].”

J: “I see. Those are quite some big goals, let’s hope you get to reach them. So, of course it’s all very new, but how many people do you have currently?”

D: “Well we have, like, 10 people right now, they’re all really passionate about film. I think they’re a really cool class. Um, so yeah, about 10.”

J: “10. That’s not bad for starting numbers. Moving on, do you have any other plans for this club, beyond what you’ve said already?”

D: “Not really, maybe… Maybe go to museums or some historical movie theaters as a club together. Nothing else, really.”

J: “Well alright then. Anything else to add before we wrap up?”

D: “Join the film club!”

J: “Join film club indeed. Well, that’s all. Thank you for your time.”

There we have it. Film Club is still very new and would benefit greatly from a boost in membership (especially those with ideas for raising club funds.) So, if you or anyone else at Mayfair have an interest in movies and would like to meet fellow movie enthusiasts—or if you’d like to get into the hobby—consider coming down to Room 207 at lunch on Wednesdays and joining the discussion.

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