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Boys Basketball: Mayfair v.s La Mirada

The Boys Basketball’s league games have now come to an end with their last league game facing La Mirada, on February 3. The team certainly showed how much dedication and exertion was put into this year's season. Although losing with a close score of 42-38, Mayfair kept the game close with points being scored back-to-back. As they had started off the game with 4-0, they quickly made it back up and kept alternating points. By the end of the first quarter they were down 15-1, but as the team kept pushing through, the second quarter had ended 26-5 to our detriment. Yet in spite of that, Mayfair was able to come back in the second half 35-19 and 42-38. Leaving the final score to once again be 42-38. Even after having to go through a strenuous 2-year pandemic, Mayfair’s boys basketball team picked themselves up and continued to grind throughout the season, with their overall wins being 18 out of 25. This demonstrated their ability to strive for victory and work hard. Junior Jaylen Baker expressed that he was most proud of his team, ¨when we beat Redondo, because that´s a team a lot of people thought we weren't gonna beat.¨ Mayfair´s boys basketball team have triumphed against the odds even when others thought they couldn't.
Even with the game being a loss, their performance was anything but. Having only 10 players, Mayfair was required to work twice as hard in order to make sure they were in shape and ready for the game. Their bond as a team was proven to be well built as they worked hard together throughout the season. Senior Dillon Botts was proud and confident in his team's performance this year as he said, ¨Yeah, as a team we came a long way. Especially when losing, we always rebuild and get better together.¨ Experiencing tough moments throughout the year was something that was bound to happen; however, the team overcame such obstacles together and this was shown in the game that day. With Mayfair's team consisting of mostly seniors, it's safe to say that their level of playing and experience had a lot to do with the games this season, enabling them to be victorious almost every time.
Knowing that this was their last game, seniors are preparing for what's to come next in their lives as they must prepare for colleges and universities. This would end up meaning that half the team will be leaving next year. Senior Devin Lane advises his underclassmen who will continue the team to, ¨Continue to grow together. Keep playing. Take it day by day. Keep grinding, keep working – hopefully by next year they'll win.¨ Seeing as how the team is built through both bond and skills, there are expectations for next year's Boys Basketball season with the change of leagues which will happen soon. Baker encourages both his future and current underclassmen to, ``Be ready for next year, because we're switching leagues next year and the new league will be harder than it was last year.¨ With that said, boys basketball will soon confront the new league which will likely prove to be a formidable opponent in the near future. You can look forward to their first CIF game on Friday, 2/11; this will be a home game at 7:00pm against Cypress.

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