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Born Pink: BLACKPINK'S Concert Review

One of South Korea’s most successful girl bands goes by the stage name BLACKPINK! The famous group consists of 4 young ladies, Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo. They arrived here in Los Angeles, California. The tour started on October 15, 2022 in Seoul, Korea and its tour came to an end on September 17, 2023 at the same location. One of the recent concerts happened on August 26, 2023 at Dodger Stadium. BLACKPINK sang multiple songs and p5r represented their choreography in such stunning ways. The components of this concert, ranging from the lights, to the music, to the dance and the vocals overwhelms every fan with ecstasy! It went from a full group performance to each member having their own show stopping solos.

The songs they performed were all from their latest album titled “BORN PINK”. However, they did not just sing songs from “Born Pink”. They even sang songs from previous albums and singles such as “THE ALBUM”, “SQUARE ONE”, etc. Each song had a different meaning and their choreography was very dynamic. For example, their first song played was “Pink Venom”, the first song on the tracklist of the album. At the beginning of the song, the voices of “BLACKPINK” echo through the stadium, adding suspense to their performance. When the voices disappeared into thin air, backup dancers began their choreography on their way to the runway. Afterwards, the spotlights around the stage shone rays of bright lights and finally revealed the stage, with the 4 iconic members appearing on stage with beautiful black outfits and bold poses. The ladies began to sing with overflowing confidence, as their dancing and vocals showed no hesitation. To add on to that, they included sassy facial expressions, catching everyone’s attention and making the audience fall in love with them even more. From Lisa’s rapping, to Jennie’s singing, to Jisoo and Rosé’s soft yet dauntless vocals! After their first show stopping performance, they continued to sing more songs.

Eventually Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé began to perform their solos. Immediately, Jennie begins to sing “You & Me”. She sings with such elegance, and her dancing is upbeat yet contains a soothing aura when she dances with one of the male backup dancers in a silhouette. Quickly after that, she sang her famous song “SOLO,” with gracefulness in her vocal and dancing skills. Shortly afterwards, Jisoo began her solos. She sings “All Eyes On Me” and “FLOWER” as her captivating vocals make the audience cheer and shout for her. Once Jisoo’s performances conclude, Rosé takes the stage and begins to sing her single “Gone”. Her vocals are steady and show emotions of sadness. However, once she sang “On The Ground” her mood changed. Suddenly she started to dance with firmness and her vocals were heavenly. Throughout the songs, she shows her sensational strengths in singing and dancing. Once the song is finished, Lisa arrives. Unlike the other members of BLACKPINK, she sings in a more rebellious style and shows no vulnerability. She sings “MONEY” and displays her rapping and choreography in a daredevil-like style. After everyone’s solos, they began their group performances again, singing and dancing to songs including “BOOMBAYAH”, “Lovesick Girls”, “Playing With Fire”, and many more songs you can find in their earlier albums and singles.

Each and every performance was eccentric in their own way. Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo performed to the best of their own abilities and showed the audience an experience of a lifetime! We’re grateful for the magnificent time and dedication they’ve implemented and it absolutely inspires listeners across the world.

Photo Courtesy of Wikepedia Commons

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