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Beabadoobee’s New Era: Take A Bite

Beatrice Kritice Ilejay Laus, otherwise known as Beabadoobee, is an English-Filipino viral music indie artist that creates alternative, yet soft songs that are linked with romance or relationships. She has a history in the music industry since 2018, when she released albums and singles such as Loveworm, Fake It Flowers, Beatopia and many more you can find in her Spotify profile. Ever since her latest release, “It’s Only A Later Moon” for an Apple TV+ series, her fans have been waiting for her own, actual release for this year.   

Even so, Beabadoobee was in the process of writing and forming a new album. As a result, she proudly teases “Take A Bite” on April 11, 2024 through her Tiktok account. Additionally, she also posted a new concept of her upcoming album through her Instagram account on April 24, 2024. She even puts that picture in her Spotify profile.That post is her possible new album cover in which she wears a stunning, black outfit with a red background.  

“Take A Bite” goes through a more romantic, alluring genre as she allows fans to listen to a snippet of this new song on her Tiktok. Since then, her fans were able to transcribe the lyrics from the video. In the famous lyric website Genius, some viewers were able to contribute and annotate lyrics from Beabadoobee’s short clip. The lyrics of the shortened “Take A Bite” is: “Moments that cease to exist, only wanna fix it with a kiss on the lips. But I think I might. Take a bite. I wanted to see the world in color, through your eyes and through your mind.” These lyrics are in a romantic sense, in which Beabadoobee wants to see the world through her partner’s view. Despite this snippet, the song gives viewers a hint on how the song sounds and will feel like. These lyrics have an attractive tone as it captivates the listener. 

For the most part, “Take A Bite” is a wonderful song written by Beabadoobee as she enters a new “red” chapter. There are chances that this release will include more songs that will come out since “A Night to Remember (feat. Laufey)”. Her fans are looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us! 

Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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