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April 2022 BUSD Board Meeting Recap

This month’s board meeting, held on April 7, featured an empty seat where former board member Laura Sanchez-Ramirez used to serve. After announcing her resignation from the board in last month’s meeting, the board has yet to fill her spot.
Superintendent Tracy McSparren explained that the board had three options when it comes to how to fill the vacancy. They could order a special election, make a provisional appointment or take no action. In the event the board chose to order a special election, the special election would cost the district 1.3 million dollars per candidate for campaign. In addition, the option to take no action would force the county superintendent to order a special election. The board ended up choosing to make a provisional appointment. This means that in the next 30 days they will open candidates who would like to fill the vacancy of Sanchez-Ramirez to do so. The candidates will undergo interviews and ultimately be chosen by vote of the board alone.
Although there are set issues for the board to discuss in closed session, they did not discuss said topics, and closed session was adjourned in one minute.
On December 9, 2021, students from Mayfair High School presented a petition with over 800 signatures. The purpose of this petition was to obtain a student seat on the board. At this month's meeting, Superintendent McSparren shared the progress of the student addition to the board, expressing that she met with six students who were nominated, three from Bellflower and three from Mayfair. She says the next step is, “They will be interviewed on May 9 if they complete the application on time, then four of those candidates based on those interviews will move forward to the ballot and be voted on by their peers based on their statements on May 16-19.”
Superintendent McSparren also shared the future plans to include a superintendent’s advisory council where students will join in order to “widen the range of input and an opportunity for more students to have their voice heard and represent their schools.”
This month there were no requests addressing agenda items or public comments.
The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 12.

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