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A Series Review Of Girlmore Girls

Gilmore Girls, an early 2000’s show, stars a young mom who had a baby girl at 16 years old and their lives in a small town called Stars Hollow. The show follows the mother-daughter duo going through real life struggles and proves to be a sweet, heartwarming, coming of age show for the whole family to enjoy. It's also a great comfort show to watch by yourself in your free time.

The show has been out for so many years, but the best time to watch it is in the fall. It's like the world’s collective time to watch it, as they always put on reruns of the show during the fall. Most people don't enjoy “coming of age” shows or movies because they find it cliche, but this show is honestly fun, relatable and funny to watch.

The show even had so many good reviews that they released a mini season portraying updates on characters' lives a few years into the future. Additionally, it ends with a twist that leaves fans of the show on the edge of their seats; this, in turn, leaves fans with many questions and with hopes for another season for answers.

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