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Yearbook Needs YOU!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The memories, the laughter, the fun moments, our school yearbook captures all it all. Yearbook is a year-long class that is offered to grades 9-12. Similar to Business, Yearbook teaches students how to create and sell a product--so if this career path interests you, Yearbook is definitely the course for you. This class focuses on photography, writing stories, captions and creating designs. Yearbook gives you the freedom to be creative and the opportunity to capture the student life of your classmates. It gives you the chance to look back years later and reminisce about your high school days. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were one of the people who brought all those moments together and helped your peers capture some of their most fond memories?

I interviewed a current Yearbook student, Dayanara Flores, about her experience, and here’s what she had to say:

Nazanine Laupua: “Why did you join Yearbook?”

Dayanara Flores: “I joined to get involved with our school and meet new people.”

NL: “What's your favorite thing about being apart of Yearbook?”

DF: “My favorite part is that I'm able to create something students will have to look back on years from now.”

NL: “What do you wish you knew before going into Yearbook?”

DF: “One thing I wish I knew before joining is that you must do your part so that you don’t make everyone else fall behind.”

NL: “What's some advice you would give to students who are thinking about joining Yearbook?”

DF: “An important piece of advice I’d give is to be ready to problem solve and manage your time wisely!”

If you have any questions about yearbook, please see Mr. Eastham in room 206! You have the chance to set Mayfair's history in stone.

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