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Why You Should Visit the LA Van Gogh Exhibit

Around September, I visited the new Van Gogh exhibit in downtown LA. While I am an artist, I’ve never been super interested in painting and classical art. The name Van Gogh was recognizable, but it didn’t have any special meaning to me. That being said, people don’t have to be artists to enjoy art and that was very apparent here.

The exhibit is at 6400 Sunset Boulevard and requires tickets to be ordered ahead of time to get in. Tickets can cost from $40 to $55, and can be ordered at The exhibit is planned to close on February 6th, so make sure to get tickets before then. As for the actual experience, I undoubtedly enjoyed it. You get to sit in several areas among several rooms, of which every wall is showing art. The entire experience was a mix of emotions and visual pleasure. It isn’t an extremely long show, but each second is filled with appreciation and awe at the wonderful use of audio and visual elements.

The experience includes a wide range of Van Gogh's art, acting somewhat like a timeline for his art and his transition to more expressive and abstract art. Some pieces are easily recognizable while others are more obscure. One key element I loved about it is the dull monotone colors of most earlier pieces in the show, which slowly transition to vibrant paintings filled with life. Somehow, it felt like a story was being told in the order the visuals were presented, yet not a single word was used.

This was truly a memorable experience for me, and I’m sure it was the same for many others. I definitely encourage everyone to go and drink in the wonderful sights and sounds. A lovely experience and a definite 5/5 on a numerical scale.

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