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What Do Concerts Look Like After Getting Canceled?

As we may know, cancel culture is sickening. The endless amount of hate, the doxxing, everything about it is so negative. However, the "art" of cancel culture is up for interpretation; do people deserve to be exiled or not? On The Mayfair Windjammer Website, Doja Cat is no stranger to our reporters. From reporting on recent style changes to her genius business tactics, she's a hot topic right now -- especially after her recent controversies. So, what does this mean for her ongoing tour?

In May, Doja was sent love on the internet by fans and immediately shut down their words with statements along the lines of “I don’t love you guys, I don’t even know you” after hearing what fans had named themselves, “Kittenz”. Shortly after, she had lost over 2,000 followers across all social media in the span of 24 hours. Not soon after this incident, Doja was under fire for wearing a shirt with an alleged “Neo-Nazi” on it. All of these instances coming together formulate people bashing the star across social media, all of this happening weeks before dropping her 4th studio album, Scarlett

After the release, she later announced she would be going on tour with artists Doechii and Ice Spice. The announcement gained little traction from fans, enough people opting out for ticket prices to come down, from $120 to as low as $60. For those like me, I still support the artists music. I bought my tickets and was on my to test the waters and truly see if cancelation effects artist revenue on tours. Personally, the show I went to seemed very full! Almost every seat in my section was full. However, many seats down by the pit/staging were rather empty. Merch tables were full of merchandise for sale, this factor still unknown. Overall, nothing seemed to have changed after Doja’s recent actions. However, other artists who have been involved in similar allegations and activities can be effected.

Cover photo credits to Ivan Radic on Flickr

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