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Welcome Back Assembly

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The first assembly of the school year was the traditional “Welcome Back” one. The theme was also Hawaiin / the beach to coordinate with the football game the same day, which was also the first of the school year. Mrs. McAndrews, head of ASB, started the assembly with the Pledge of Allegiance, which our band performed. Alongside the pledge was a dedicated moment of silence to the Maui fires in Hawaii and their victims.

All photos taken are provided by Sara Gonzales and Robert Foster

Throughout the entire assembly, the four classes were working toward gaining points. These points were awarded to the classes that had the most spirit and who won their challenges the fastest. The games included a hula hoop line, “sticky hands'' and a relay race that consisted of a three legged race, leapfrog, a wheelbarrow and piggyback riding. The relay race brought the crowd to hysterical laughter as basketball, football and other athletes were frantically getting on the ground to jump over each other and getting on each other's backs. Overall, most players were trying to not fall, which all players were successful in doing so they all won in that. The seniors however won all of the games in first place except “sticky hands”, which they even had teachers play! Seniors dominated the Hula Hoop line, as they finished minutes before the last class and didn't even know it; all they heard was other students' hysteria that followed their win. The ending score for the assembly was the seniors with 30, juniors with 10, sophomores with 15 and freshmen with 5.

Photo taken by Sara Gonzales

The teachers were also involved heavily and even had a game called “Teacher Pop”. The players included, Mr. Headley, Mr. Suttle, Mr. Irving, Mr. Ravelo, Mr. Shaheen, Ms. Brown, Ms. Lane, Ms. Edalati, Ms. Mckay, Ms. Chick, Ms. Pinkwasser, Ms. Vanderbuan, Ms. Viska and last years reigning champ, Mr. Nguyen. However, the champion was eliminated halfway through the match which brought all sorts of uproar – both in favor and against the elimination. Overall, the setting of the game was loud and ecstatic since students got to see their teachers go against others, as many teachers and staff aren’t looked at in a competitive or “fun” light. The finals consisted of Mr. Shaheen, Ms Mckay and Mr. Suttle. In the end, Ms.Mckay was declared the winner.

Photos taken by Robert Foster

Lastly, the assembly was ended with ending remarks by Mr. Diaz and Mrs. McAndrews. They announced that Club Rush would be August 31st for students, especially the freshman. One of the other announcements was that Homecoming would be October 20 and 21st, and that Mr. Diaz would be raffling two sets of two free tickets to the dance. Students will be entered in the raffle if they have the Minga app and have their digital ID on it as well. This definitely brought cheers from the crowd since who doesn’t want free tickets!

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