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Watch Out! Here Comes Maritime!

On Wednesday, October 4th vocal groups Showtime, Mariners, and Mixed Chorus hosted their Fall Concert at the Bristol Civic Auditorium. These shows are always a wonderful time and show off the skills these groups have been working on since the start of school. This time around the choirs performed beautifully harmonic pieces as well as upbeat but equally beautiful pieces as well.

Opening the show was Mixed Chorus, formerly known as Women’s Chorus, singing two songs featured on movie track lists. In their first song, “Stand by Me ”, soloist Madison Roman shocked the audience with her strong yet soft voice and her confident movements. The second soloist, Marley Gonzalez, also had a voice that fit the song perfectly. Next, they performed “The Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect. And as every performance of this specific song needs, this performance included cups! Mixed Chorus opened this show perfectly, leaving the audience ready for the next performance.

Afterwards, Mariners took the stage. They performed two pieces, “No Time Traditional Camp Meeting Song” and “Prayer of the Children”, that highlighted this group's superpower to harmonize with each other in a really moving way. In just these two songs, Mariners showed everyone just how united of a team they are. Ending their set with a song called “Java Jive”, a song about coffee and tea, was a complete 180° that no one saw coming. This song, however, still showcased the group's incredible voices with solos from Adanze Nnodim, Shayna Miralles, Charlize Abac, and Marley Taylor-Haley. Between all three of these songs, Mariners blew the audience out of the water!

Lastly, Showtime closed the shows with one song titled “The Seal Lullaby” that showed just how talented this group really is and ended it with two other songs that brought the mood to a whole new level. In their second song, titled “Trickle Trickle”, something new was added in the form of a trumpet solo by Dylan Mendoza. Other soloists included Cassius Villareal and Andrew Sepulveda. Their final song “I Sing Because I’m Happy” was sure to make every member of the audience just as happy! An array of singers had solos in this song, ad-libbing rather than having a previously prepared part. It was incredible to see everyone able to make something up live! These ad-libbers included Ella Vaughn, Hannika DeGuzman, Kylee Thompkins, and Cassius Villareal. To fully end their set, Mark Lim and Emma Douglass used their powerful voices to harmonize together in a way no one ever could have seen coming.

Overall, this fall concert featured both lovely slow songs as well as silly, upbeat songs from all three of the groups that captured the audience time after time. If this is what the groups sounded like after just 8 weeks of practice, imagine what they can accomplish in a few months!

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