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Wallows Announces Their Third Studio Album

In early February Wallows, a three-man band made of childhood friends, released a single called ‘Your Apartment.’ On March 5th, they followed up by announcing their third studio album Model. Little is known about the specifics of Model at this time, given its release date is May 24th. 

The band, in an Instagram post, said that this album will be “the best one yet.” Also, the band released a “Model Tour Promo” film to build excitement around their world tour that starts later this year. 

Promo for this album has been released rampantly and even the individual members have played a large part in promoting this album, differently more than promo for their previous two albums and their EP. There are four covers at the moment, the official one and three others featuring a solo shot of each member of the band: Dylan, Cole, and Braeden. Overall, fans have been enjoying all the content and are properly excited for the release of Model in a couple months.

The tracklist includes twelve songs:

  1. Your Apartment

  2. Anytime, Always

  3. Calling After Me

  4. Bad Dream

  5. A Warning

  6. I Wouldn't Mind

  7. You (Show Me Where My Days Went)

  8. Canada

  9. Don’t You Think It’s Strange?

  10. She’s An Actress

  11. Going Under

  12. Only Ecstacy

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