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Senior Seminar 2024: A Time To Remember

Updated: 2 days ago

Senior Seminar is a yearly event here at Mayfair Middle and High School. Now it’s our turn as the class of 2024 to embrace this tradition. It was a wonderful event that included reconnecting with old friends, sharing experiences, and getting to know things about friends and other peers we’ve grown with. It was also very emotional too because – if I had to describe it – the main theme was forgiveness and acceptance. I was even able to deal with some old unfinished business! Though a downside was we weren’t able to do the senior run around the quad area of campus due to the time schedule of the event.

Our guest speaker Keith Hawkins was very motivational during his speech. At first, I didn’t think I would get emotional, but in the end I did because of the message he was spreading and how impactful it was. Keith goes around to many different high schools, colleges, and organizations to speak to the people and encourage them to continue to prosper. It overwhelmed the crowd because he even went as far as acknowledging the ASB students and thanking them for going to a training in the night and helping fix up the venue to help be prepared for the next day. I personally thought that was awesome because once again, it showed the dedication to the school that the students have to the school, regardless of titles.

I really loved and enjoyed this event. I felt like everyone was truly united as one in the event and we all had a common ground. It was a ten out of ten event that made a small highlight of my senior year. I really hope they continue this tradition with the future generations at Mayfair to ensure a legacy is never forgotten!

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