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UmeTea Cafe Review

There are many boba tea shops located around southern California. But this boba shop is very much different from the other boba shops located in California. UmeTea is a boba shop established in 2019, right before the pandemic. UmeTea offers drinks that are different from any other boba shops. They make their own creative twists and flavors to their drinks. They also have a lot of toppings that you usually don’t see at any boba shop either. Their toppings include coconut pudding, drinkable mochi, sago, and many more. Their sizes are also something you wouldn’t see anywhere too. UmeTea offers regular, large, and mega sized cups. Perfect for sharing with someone you love, or by yourself. But personally, it's best to drink it by yourself. It’s typically what you wouldn’t see at any other boba shops.

I tried their taro and coconut pudding milk tea just last Sunday. Once I punctured the top with my straw and took a sip of it, I was addicted to it. The flavors of the coconut pudding melts on your tongue. The taro and the coconut together make the perfect pair for this subtle sweet drink. This is by far my favorite drink from them. Sadly, I only got the regular size of this drink. It was the only size option specifically for that drink. However, my mom also got a drink from UmeTea too. It was the mega sized boba milk tea. It was the typical boba milk tea, nothing too special, very simple, just a big bucket of boba milk tea. The boba pearls were soft and yummy. Their locations are scattered in California. The only nearest place UmeTea is at is all the way in the Playa Del Rey area. Their drinks are absolutely delicious, and I recommend everyone to give it a try.

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