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Tragedy in Central Florida

February 23, 2023, a shooting spree occurred in Central Florida. This tragedy left the community in Florida heartbroken. This terrible shooting left 3 people dead, and 2 people injured. The suspect first killed a woman located in central Florida, and then returned back to the scene a few minutes after, killing a news reporter and killing a nearby 9-year-old girl.

Police detained the suspect, and they identified him. The suspect behind all this tragedy was Keith Melvin Moses; a 19-year-old male. He was taken into custody and authorities have said he had a lengthy criminal record including grand theft, and domestic violence charges. They have also said he was part of a gang as well. Authorities have tried communicating with the suspect as to what his motive was, but till this day it has still remained unknown.

Among the 3 people that were killed was 38-year old Nathacha Augustin, 9-year old T’Yonna Major, and 24-year old news reporter Dylan Lyons. The victims were killed at a different time, as the suspect went on another rampage killing the last two victims. It was so sad to hear that they died, especially the 9-year old child. I know she had many dreams and couldn’t wait to grow up, but unfortunately her life was taken from her. The two who were injured were brought to the hospital and are quickly recovering. One of them being the child’s mother and the other being the cameraman for reporter Dylan Lyons. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking this is to the families of the victims who passed away from the shooting. Families and communities of the victims who were involved in this horrific tragedy shared their memories and condolences which can be found in “Pine Hills Shooting: What we know about the victims”. My condolences and prayers go towards the victim’s families who are deeply affected by this horrific tragedy.

Courtesy of Fox29

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