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Title IX Assembly

The Title IX assembly was about the empowerment of young female athletes. Some of the speakers were also female athletes who have in fact come and done some very amazing things in their careers. Many of the experiences talked about how they overcame their troubles with fighting for their dreams in sports. They also talked about goals and achievements they had with the sports they did. For instance Julie Stanley, a former principal of our school, was a speaker. She talked about the grind she pulled off while doing both sports and her academics studies. It was very motivating and inspirational to see and hear her talk about struggles as a former Monsoon employee.

There was also a very important woman there who made a very big impact in the swimming sports for females as well. Her name was Jennie Jacobsen Huse, and she along with many of our other speakers in the 1970’s made a big impact on women’s sports, including voting on Title IX law to be passed all together. It now has been made possible for many women to play in female sports teams, get equal treatment in sports, and have a golden opportunity to just be given a chance at trying. Another woman that was there was Samantha Huerta. She attended La Mirada and won many awards for her years of running track and field. With that she took off to new heights and soared.

However, this assembly wasn’t just about the highs, they also talked about the lows of growing up as a woman interested in sports and trying to be academically and athletically successful. They all mention the idea of needing a support system full of supporters to be able to get where they are present day. Another thing that many women in sports go through are the days of wanting to give in and quit. Especially the days after you lost a game the urge is very great, but a separate addition that they had was having a good support system even if it’s just one person who believes in you as a person.

This really was a good experience for me; getting to hear others talk about their experience in sports and the struggles makes it not feel so alone. Also, getting to hear the speech from Sue Enouist was very inspirational because she made the feelings that I ad kept pushing away known to myself, which felt very loving and like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. Overall, the assembly was great and I wish to go to more in the future even if it is just a minute. Thank you once again to all our speakers that came out today, also thank you for paving the way for even more young female athletes.

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