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They Both Die At The End: Summary and Book Review

For about 3 years now, people all over have been saying that the book They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera is an amazing book and they loved it. People also have said that this is one of the saddest books they have ever read. Today I am going to give you MY opinion on the book and tell you whether or not I believe they were right or wrong.

Just to let you guys know, since I am going to give my review, there might be some slight spoilers but I will make sure to leave out the major ones even though the biggest one is already revealed by the title of that book but either way I won’t say anything so that way if you haven't read the book, you can still read it without it being spoiled.

To start off, the book is about a world where you will know if you are going to die with a call from Death-Cast. Death-Cast is a company where they will call thousands of people to let them know that they are going to die in the span of 24 hours. Nobody knows how this company knows that you are going to die but they do and as soon as you see the name pop up on your phone, you know it's going to be your last. After Mateo received the calls, he didn't really seem to have a reaction at first but then a couple of minutes after the call he began to think about what he was going to do. With his mother already dead and his father in a coma at the hospital, he started to believe that he had the worst luck ever; especially after only being 18 years old and already getting the call.

After a couple of chapters with Mateo, it switches off to Rufus point of view, another main character. Rufus, a 17 year old boy, was fighting his ex’s boyfriend when he got the call from Death-Cast. When he first saw who it was, he thought about not answering but eventually ended up picking up the call. After knowing he was going to die, he decided not to be sad and depressed on his last day so he decided to make a funeral for himself with his family, the Plutos. The Plutos are a bunch of teenagers who ended up in an orphanage. Rufus, someone who also believes he has bad luck, lost his parents to Death-cast. After that day he has always blamed himself for it and became a “bad boy.” He went home and invited his ex-girlfriend not knowing that she would invite her boyfriend; the same guy he was beating up an hour ago. The ex boyfriend at the funeral called the cops on Rufus so the time between Rufus and his family was cut short as he had to run away from the cops.

Once again, after we learn a bit from Rufus, we switch back to Mateos point of view. Having no idea what he was going to do, he decided to create an account on an app called Last Friend where he was hoping to find someone experiencing something similar to him. After receiving a couple messages from some weirdos he finally found someone that was in the same position as him which happened to be Rufus. After they started chatting, they decided to meet up and that is where their journey begins.

Not wanting to spoil anything big, I am going to end this article here. After reading the book I will say that the past readers were right. This book was amazing and honestly one of my top 5 must read books. It was really sad so if you are looking for something to cry to, definitely read this book. Overall I give it a rating of 10/10 and really hope this article inspired you to pick up this book and read it.

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