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The Walker of Mayfair

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

The Mayfair Walker has been seen around in the halls of this school for many years now. No one knows what, or rather who it is. It’s said to be seen in all black and acts in a select way. Many don’t know about the walker, but the people who have seen them walking around, began stalking slowly and wandering aimlessly in search of someone that they may not know. So, what did the walker do to make it into a journalism article? Walk.

Though many may not know the walker personally, they have definitely seen them around. Some may even go as far as saying the walker has friends that accompany them to their different destinations on campus. How many allies? When do they walk? How many venture at one time? Why do they lurk across campus? No one knows for sure. The walkers are a mystery to the campus and no one has any idea as to why they come out of nowhere to walk.

Walkers aren’t well known because their main purpose in life is to walk during class time. To wander far and wide on Mayfair's campus, it’s not impossible to encounter a walker at some point. Though this walker in particular has become known as "The Mayfair Walker". He walks but always makes his way back and then waits to do it all over again. That’s what makes this walker so different from the rest. He returns and waits, pondering on where to wander to next. However, we have gotten a single photo of the walker who was caught after he wandered to one of his destinations...

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