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The Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Nelson

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

In 2022, during my middle school years, in my English class, former high school art students gave a presentation on the Art Academy (ADDA). I was astonished by all the artworks that were displayed. I immediately knew that I wanted to join. I was unsure whether or not I could make it in the Academy because my art was well… “a work in progress.”.

Luckily, I was accepted and I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic to start my new year at the Art Academy and that’s where I met Mr. Nelson.

Mr. Nelson makes sure that you’re welcome into the class by greeting you with “Good Morning!” and asking how your day is. I struggled and stressed in the beginning but eventually I started to get the hang of it. Without the help of Mr. Nelson, I would be pretty confused. Mr. Nelson was taking his time and patience when I was trouble with the project and explaining what exactly is wrong or what technique to use. Mr. Nelson helped me overcome the nervousness of asking a question–of course I do feel nervous every once in a while.

I felt quite accomplished when he said I was doing great on my projects. Heck, there was a point where I was on a roll with completing my assignments;I was feeling confident.

Last year I would come to lunch to work on my projects and I felt that I had extra time. I want to thank Mr. Nelson for giving me an opportunity to express my art even if I didn’t really believe in my work.

Mr. Nelson, you are one of the reasons why I have improved in my art. I would really like to continue in this class because of all the different types of media and art around me. Once again, thank you for all the times you helped me out, for welcoming me, and for being one of the greatest teachers. Mr. Nelson. You deserve this.

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