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The STEAM Building's Contribution to Many

2 to 3 years ago, a building was under construction in the Mayfair Campus. In this case, the establishment was called STEAM. As many know, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Many students are involved with the subjects, therefore they were able to experience a pristine and advanced establishment. Years later, the construction was finally finished around the middle of May 2023. After its completion, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held and a handful of students were able to gaze and observe the place; many were in awe. Once school reopened on August 10, 2023, the building was finally open with welcome arms for the students.

The classrooms in the STEAM buildings are all unique in their own ways and it’s seen to be “fitting for a college.” Is this place just that beautiful? The exterior is displayed with many glass windows and it gives a modern feel to the place. There are brick walls in some designated areas to balance the cool shades of the building from the outside. There are even spectacular balconies around some spots of the establishment. However, inside, there are more wonders that await a student. It ranges from impressive artworks in the entrance and in the hallways to more attainable lounges for many. Every classroom has their own unique charms. Going from the professional-looking science labs, to the spacious art studios. To the math classrooms that have the color scheme of Mayfair, uplifting its spirits, and the classrooms of engineering and technology that have an exhilarating aura along with its advanced technology.

There are various differences with the STEAM classrooms and the regular classrooms that can make this place seem more sophisticated. For example, the table's height can be adjusted depending on the students’ preference. The students are able to manipulate the tables to make them go higher or lower than their usual height. For the chairs, they have wheels on the bottom and a flat structure on the bottom where you can store your backpack. Teachers enjoy these new chair functions because there used to be backpacks all over the floor where people could trip, and anything bad could happen. However, there are some cons of this place that students and teachers can acknowledge. Teachers fume over how cold it is in the classrooms, and the students find it difficult to get to their classes with how short the passing period is.

Despite all this, people are enthusiastic about this new place. The modern setting of this establishment is able to make students feel like they are in a professional and practical environment therefore making the learning experience enjoyable. This beautiful moderation of education looks great in Mayfair colors.

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