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The STEAM Building Grand Opening

Updated: May 18, 2023

In the evening of Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the new STEAM building at Mayfair High School commenced its grand opening. There were numerous educational speakers such as Dr. Drati and Principle Diaz. They also publicly presented a certificate to Mayfair as well, to commemorate the brand new structure. After they had gone through their regime, they got all of the speakers and contributors together for photos and the ribbon cutting ceremony itself. After the ribbon was cut, they opened the beautiful structure to the public to roam and enjoy. When they first opened the doors, it was extremely crowded getting through them. However, reaching inside you were greeted with not only beautiful artwork, but the Mayfair showtime choir singing as well. The architecture is truly modern and the color scheme chosen perfectly fits the feeling of mayfair. Also, they decided to add an immense amount of nice, brand new seating areas to help their students unwind. There are stunning bathrooms, gorgeous balconies and refined hallways aswell with intricate geomoetric patterns in the structuring. In the bathrooms, there are beautiful tile floors and brand new mirrors, along with a plethora of stalls. After the tour, you were greeted with free cookies and water, along with beautiful california weather. The grand opening ceremony of the new STEAM building was an utter success and made everyone in our Mayfair community feel more than welcomed.

Video Provided By Janice Parks

Photos Provided By Ruth Manzo

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