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The Mayfair Flu

The flu has been around for a long time and usually hits around October going into the winter season. No one was hit as hard as Mayfair High School students and teachers! The flu might’ve originated from hosting a high school assembly that had two grades jammed together, while hosting three assemblies in one day. Not only did the assembly might’ve led to the horrific flu in the Mayfair campus but Homecoming was also a cause of that; let's not forget the homecoming game also!

In my opinion, the homecoming dance escalated to flu because lots of people attend homecoming in suits, dresses, or just a nice put together outfit. They might’ve thought that the night would be normal and have nice weather so they don’t bring a sweater. The attendees who did not bring sweaters were most likely caused to become sick. The returning of students Monday morning led to the spread around campus throughout the week and even making people who never attended homecoming catch “The Mayfair Flu”. To add on, the Mayfair Flu came with consequences.

The Mayfair Flu caused the schools attendance rates to drop throughout the week after homecoming and the start of this week of October 27, 2022. Teachers were also absent due to the flu. This also came with the consequence that students being sick caused them to fall back on many assignments, which most likely dropped their grades. Some of the symptoms that the students might’ve experienced were headaches, congestion, coughing, and tiredness. Finally, we’re all in the process of recovering from the Mayfair Flu.

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