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The Last of Us: The Show Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

In November of 2022, HBO Max revealed that they were making a television show on the game The Last of Us by the developer Naughty Dog. At first everyone felt skeptical about it and believed that it was going to be like every other show based on a game, different. HBO proved them wrong. Last weekend, January 15, HBO Max premiered the first episode and it was a hit. Instantly everyone loved it and was begging for MORE. Unfortunately, the show releases a new episode every Sunday at 9 PM (ET) and 6 PM (PT) leaving us eager for the next episode.

The first episode of The Last Of US was approximately 82 minutes long making it the longest episode of the season. It was said that originally it was going to be two episodes but the directors felt that only showing the first episode would be too short and won’t leave the audience wanting more. They were right!!

The first episode began with Sarah and Joel, Joel being one of the main characters and Sarah being his daughter, living their regular lives in Austin, Texas. One day, Sarah woke up to bombs going off and screaming, that's when she got up and started calling for her dad. She quickly realized he wasn’t there and was led to her neighbors house by the neighbors dog. That is when she was faced with a zombie eating her neighbor. Spoilers, spoilers, I know, that is why if you want to know more you have to go on and watch it.

Overall the new television show had an amazing rating from people all over the world. I personally rate it a 10/10 and we are all excited to see more of it.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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