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The Last of Us Episode 5 Recap

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Super Bowl Sunday, HBO released a brand new episode for their show “The Last of Us”. Prior to this new episode, we meet Henry and Sam. Two brothers who saw Ellie and Joel crashing into a small store, while also getting attacked by the Kansas City crew. This episode started off with a small flashback to the recent past that Henry and Sam were planning to do: escape Kansas City and its brainwashed people. But their plan shifted when Henry saw Joel taking out some of the team’s soldiers. Henry and Sam found the building Ellie and Joel stayed in, and snuck up on them. Joel and Ellie wake up to find Henry and Sam both pointing their guns at them.

Henry and Joel had a conversation for a little bit after settling down. During their conversation, Henry tells Joel that he’s the most wanted man in the city, and says that he used to be a collaborator with FEDRA. However, Joel hates people who work with FEDRA. He refuses to work with Henry because he considers him a “rat”. But eventually they worked together because Henry knows the way out of the city.

Now Henry tells Joel about his plan of getting out of this city. But they had to watch out because Kathleen, the leader of the Kansas City crew, drove the infected underground and remained there for 15 years. Who knows what could be happening underground full of infecteds.

Now the screen shifts to Kathleen. She kept a group of people in a cell asking them questions as to where Henry was at. If no one told her they would get shot up by her right man, Perry. One man stood up and spoke out as to where Henry was. Tensions started to rise, Kathleen told her crew to get ready to go out and kill Henry.

Coming back to Henry and Joel, the team goes through the tunnel without finding any infected and they come out and walk to the suburbs area. While Ellie was talking, someone shot their rifle but missed. Joel pushed them aside to go hide behind a car. Joel quickly thought of an idea, and decided to attack the shooter from the back of the house. Quickly, he got to the house dodging the terrible shots from the shooter. He killed the shooter and he noticed a walkie talkie. Kathleen was talking through it and told them that they were going to arrive, and full on enter with the whole crew if he didn’t respond.

A few moments later, Kathleen and her crew arrive. She lures Henry out and says “It ends the way it ends”. But before going for her gun we see the truck exploding into a tunnel that had infecteds in it. After a while, the infected gushed out from the underground. Everything went bonkers. A bloater (a person who has been infected for 20 years) came out from the hole. We see the bloater tearing Perry's head apart while Kathleen was forced to run away. Henry and Sam were also fighting the infecteds under the car.

After that whole fiasco, Henry and Joel’s team heads out while Kathleen and her crew are dying from the infecteds. They found a motel, and stayed the night there. Ellie and Sam shared a room. Ellie and Sam were talking about superheroes and what they were afraid of. And then Sam shows Ellie a bite mark from an infected. Ellie freaks out and also shows Sam her bite mark she got previously. She told Sam that her blood is medicine, and they both decided to stay awake just in case anything happens. The morning later, Ellie gets attacked by Sam, and breaks outside. Joel tries to reach for the gun but Henry grabs the gun, and holds Joel at gunpoint. But then shoots Sam and then shoots himself. Both Ellie and Joel were shocked, and now they bury their bodies in the ground to rest. The episode ends there. It was a pretty intense and quick episode. Things escalated so quickly. The credits at the end of the episode gave us so many hints and clues to what will happen in the next episode.

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