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The Imperfections Of Friendship

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

You have to go through people to meet people, which is something I’ve always said to one of my closest friends at mayfair. I always made sure she was okay but when it was my turn to be comforted my feelings didn't seem to matter. Only when she wanted to do something or when it was convenient and best for her. She had a lot of trouble making friends which was okay because I promised I'd always be by her side. The bond we had was like no other, it was almost as beautiful as watching caterpillars turn into butterflies, however there were more downsides than I thought. I never realized how toxic our friendship was until I opened up to another friend about it. No matter what she did, I always backed her up, but whenever I disagreed with her on anything, she would get distant and upset. She went as far as trying to convince me to break up with my partner multiple times and would constantly tell me false information that would lead me to overthink for nights on end.

After opening up to who I now call my bestfriend, I opened my perspective on our friendship and finally understood that she was a good person, but not a good friend. She was very fun to hang out with but not the best at being there for me. Friendship should be built on mutual trust and boundaries. Since I had trusted her so much, I would have never thought she would turn out to be such a difficult person. I helped her with almost everything yet didn't get anything in return. I understand that you shouldn't expect much from a person if you're helping them out of good will, but that doesn't justify her behavior and how she treated me. I do think she really tried to be a good friend to me but she just couldn't. I’m not writing to attack them, but to help people understand that sometimes for no good reason, you’ll lose a good friend due to selfish acts. Then again, there's always two sides to a story, and this is mine. Be careful who you trust but always remember one day your people will come to you.

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