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The Flash Trailer

On the day of the Super Bowl, great heaps of TV and movie trailers dropped, including one for The Flash. Fans got a full length trailer for a movie that they had reason to believe was scrapped because the star of the movie Ezra Miller has been faced with an extraordinary amount of accusations, most of which have been legally proven as true . This should have gotten the actor fired, such as others who have had the same charges against them.

Additionally, another issue is that fans haven't seen much of any news about the movie since the release of the 2021 trailer. The movie was announced in 2014 and didn't begin production until 2021 after extreme delays. I’ve found a full timeline of the mess that this movie has gone through to get produced here.

The trailer was jam packed with first looks and fan theory confirmations. The first looks we received included Zod, 2 different Flashes, Ben Afflecks, Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and 2 Batmans. Both Batmans are reprising their roles in the movie which means it has the potential to bring together different generations of DC fans. The very entrance of Micheal Keaton in itself can effectively make older fans want to give the movie a shot, as it’s been around 30 years since he last played Batman. Additionally, in the trailer he delivers the always iconic “I am Batman'' line which was just as amazing and gets fans even more hype to see how he will return as the Caped Crusader.

Speaking of entrances and amazing clips, fans acquired some scenes of Supergirl in the trailer as well. It seems like the movie is taking Supergirl in a different direction than the comics and other versions. I’m fine with this because, so far, it looks amazing including her suit which was nice. The Flash also seems to have a new suit as well, as The Flash Ring. The movie is also going to be based on the Flashpoint, an original comic book story line.

Overall, I believe the trailer was really good and it succeeded in getting me excited for the movie. All I can do is hope that Warner Bros and DC can separate the characters after introducing them because I think they need their own solo movies, as they’re amazing characters and actors. Additionally because I believe that Erza Miller should not continue as the Flash which also means I don’t really want a sequel with him apart of it.

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