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The Face Behind the Prints: Welcoming Mrs. Schreiner

Deep in the depths of Mayfair’s main office hides a very bubbly Tamara Schreiner. Mrs. Schreiner is not new to BUSD but is new to Mayfair. Her job consists of printing all the papers we receive, then loose, then beg for another copy of, as well as printing posters from a very nice poster machine if I might add! She says her favorite part about working here is figuring out “how new machines work and how to fix them”. She also enjoys the busy environment of our office.

So we know what she does, but who IS Mrs. Schreiner? Well, she is a mom of two kids that both attend Mayfair. She is someone who loves camping, her dogs, sewing, and baking. When I asked her more about her sewing, she showed me a brightly colored stitched bag next to her. Personally, I would love one.

When she was younger, Mrs. Schreiner wanted to work with airlines but she says she loves her current job here at the moment. As far as future goals go however, she says she “just wants to make it to retirement” with a huge grin on her face. As for us, she says we should strive to have more patience with everyone; meaning our teachers, parents, peers, etc. We’re all just trying our best.

Although many of us don’t ever take trips to the office, if you see Mrs. Schreiner around, makes sure to wave, smile, say hello and thank her for the endless amount of copies we get from her. After all, it’s not her fault our teachers assign homework; don’t shoot the messenger… or the reprographics one-woman show in this case.

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