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The Daylight of Savings Time

This past Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 2:00 am the time changed to an hour ahead and now the sun starts to set later on in the evening around 7 pm because of daylight savings. However since the clock changed to an hour ahead we are now getting one hour less of sleep which is not so good because a lot of people enjoy sleeping. Personally I enjoy this time of the year and when it starts to get darker later on in the day because it reminds me of school getting out and summer starting to get closer and closer. Daylight savings ends this year in the fall on Sunday, November 5th 2023 at 2:00 am. All states have daylight savings except for Arizona and Hawaii. When it starts getting darker later it feels like there’s more time in the day and we can get more stuff done during the day . However when it gets dark earlier it feels very unproductive because at 5:00 pm I'm already tired because it feels like it’s late already. During the spring it gets darker later until the fall season. When fall starts it reminds me of school beginning and it getting dark earlier because of the time change. I enjoy the summer more because that’s when my birthday is and I get to have a break from school as well as the days feeling longer and the days also getting hotter. The significance for daylight savings is practicing advancing the clocks during the warmer and colder months and right now it’s getting warmer so we’re practicing advancing the clock by an hour so that the darkness falls on a later time of the day of the clock time. Daylight savings time is also known as daylight time, or summer time because it’s hotter.

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