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The Bright Beginning of Mayfair’s Winterguard Season

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

On Saturday February 11, 2023 the Mayfair Middle and High School Wintergaurd teams competed in their first competition of the season at West Covina High School. Middle School and High School are represented as two different teams competing in their respective age groups. Both groups performed a new show for the judges at West Covina with grace and obvious shows of skill.

This event excited performers and spectators alike as it was not only the beginning of their season but also the first time Mayfair Middle School has competed as a Winterguard team in the history of MHS! The middle school show is entitled “A Million Dreams” using music from The Greatest Showman to set an award winning theme. The team performed without costumes this past week and was still able to impress the judges and win second place in their age group! They were placed into Junior High Division A and will continue to compete in that division as their show grows with new, beautiful costumes and perfected techniques.

The High School team continued their tradition of strong performances in competition this past Saturday. They performed their show entitled “You are Cordially Invited” with a proud show of difficult techniques and cooperative choreography. They were placed into High School Division A and won third place in their large age group. Highschool Captain Asia Lee shares that the teams worked hard to be placed in their respective divisions. She highlights the fact that, “...Middle School knows how to perform their show…” and High School puts intense focus on their performance to execute the difficult skills in their show.

Mayfair High School is putting their mark on the new competition and will not finish this season without showcasing their skills.

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