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The 10 Year Anniversary of True

This September 13th is the 10 year anniversary of Avicii’s True album. This anniversary comes days after what would have been the DJ’s 34 birthday. A post was uploaded on his Instagram celebrating the anniversary by his family that has controlled the account since his death in 2018. The caption was a quote by Avicii (Tim Bergling) which said “The whole album was by far like the biggest thing I’ve ever done. So you know, I really felt from the start that these are, you know, the best works I’ve ever done”. The quote was really true because the album contains 2 of Avicii's most famous, recognizable songs: Wake Me Up and Hey Brother. Along with other very successful songs, like Heart Upon My Sleeve which was actually a collaboration with Imagine Dragon.

Overall, the album and Avicii are still present ten years after initial release and after the loss of Avicii himself. As of September 15, Avicii is still ranked 80th around the world on Spotify, with 36.1 million monthly listeners which beats the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer, Jack Harlow, Blackpink, and Tory Lanez. Speaking of Spotify, the app participated in the anniversary by promoting a playlist containing the songs from Avicii and the album itself.

True is definitely the most listened to for all EDM fans because I believe it truly is a great intro to EDM. The album and Avicii music in general has great lyrics and some amazing messages. He even discusses some taboo topics.

The impact Avicii has made is so big, and still continues to this day. Via the artist website, people are still able to post and upload photos and stories of how his work has impacted their lives. Which is very unique and is still being used today. Also on the website, there's a link to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which was funded after Avicii's death to support mental health because it was the cause of his death.

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