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Team World Vision: the Race for Water

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Team World Vision is one of the most popular fundraisers at Mayfair High School, and it is mostly known for its altruistic goals. By running miles upon miles and engaging in marathons, the Team World Vision circuit has earned thousands of dollars that go towards giving water to African children in need. Not only is it magnanimous, but it is something that will, without a doubt, make a difference in the greater new world.

Mrs. Debbie Vanderbaan, teacher and leader of this movement, agreed to meet with me and discuss how she feels about her team of selfless athletes; she says, “I love watching them do it, and doing something for other people.” Going forward, she plans to make the team even bigger, and on May 20th, her Global 6k Marathon is open to anyone and everyone who chooses to participate. When asked if it was worth it, she replies, “Absolutely, one-hundred percent.” She said she’d miss her senior runners, and that she hopes they’ll be back as adults to run more marathons. “When you do all those miles together, you get kind of close. I will always miss my seniors when they leave us, but they can come back next year!”

As well as Mrs. Vanderbaan, I interviewed a teammate of hers, student runner Josh Sarreal. He seemed enthusiastic about this year’s Global 6k, as he and his teammates are and, in the future likely will be, very close. “When it comes to doing it, like waking up early in the morning, it can be very difficult,” he says, describing the hardships of having to fulfill the physical regime of a runner. He continues, “But it can be very rewarding.” He and Vanderbaan agree that this fundraiser is not only good for those who receive water and money, but it is also good for the body. Vanderbaan claims, “Everybody who ran definitely got in better shape throughout the season.” Sarreal acknowledges that it is a rough way to get exercise, but as he’d previously stated, rewarding.

Finishing with flying colors, Sarreal nods to the fact that he and his teammates enjoyed the experience of their involvement with this fundraiser. “I was kind of disappointed at how COVID stopped me from partaking in the beginning, so having an opportunity to finish what I started was one of the most rewarding things that I’d felt for quite a while.” If you’re considering joining Team World Vision, whether it’s for the team of 2023 or for the Global 6k, do it! You never know how much fun you’ll have until you sign up.

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