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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Burner

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Introducing: Mrs. Carmelita Burner. A well known and respected teacher at Mayfair High School. She is known to be an educator of Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 3, and Integrated Math 2 in the summer. She originally lived in the Philippines but moved to the US to teach math at Mayfair High School for 8 years. She has encountered many ups and downs when it comes to her experience in the educational field, but she's been able to persevere through the struggles and become the wonderful teacher we know today.

Mrs Burner has gone through a journey when entering the education field. Unlike most teachers, she spent her early elementary and high school years in the Philippines. She was sponsored by the Christian Children’s Fund. She took Mathematics as her college major. Her past experiences altered the techniques she uses in the classroom. Although those experiences were not the best, she still strives to be a teacher that students can depend on. “I'm always thinking like I'm one of the students and seeing how I want to learn and remember math concepts. The way I was taught math is different than how I teach now.” Mrs. Burner states.

Mrs. Burner says that her educational experiences shaped the way she is as a teacher and the techniques she utilizes in the classroom environment. She believes that her personal education, background, and life experiences have correlation with her lectures and ability to connect with her students.. Using her ability to put herself in others shoes helps her find a way that will be easy for her students to learn her subjects and pick up easily on the lessons. She also mentions that over the time that she's taught, she's been able to adjust her teaching style to fit her students abilities. By using her well thought out tactics and simple solutions to help her students by using her knowledge and experience, she really gets across to students, and her work is evident when you look at the positive impact she's had on her students.

The impact she has on her students is incredible. She teaches in an effective way that allows students to understand the material. Her lectures are at a steady and consistent pace so students don’t get lost. Mrs. Burner utilizes the famous “I do, we do, you do” teaching style to practice the lecture, and it is incredibly effective, which makes students understand the process. She even makes students think about ways to apply math into the real world, examples like money and statistics which expands one’s thinking and understanding of why math itself is important. With the easy to understand lectures and lessons, it is very easy to catch up even if you missed class; she doesn’t criticize them but instead insists on helping them get back on track. She even offers tutoring for students that still don’t understand the math being taught. Using the Viewboard, whiteboard and Mimio aren’t the only things she uses to teach. She allows students to engage in activities to keep students entertained and intrigued in the topic. For example, some lectures would be on simple yet educational online games (like Kahoot, Gimkit, etc), others would be on a whiteboard activity, and some would be old-fashioned pen and paper work. She is not like the usual overly strict teachers who never portray any joy, but a caring teacher who manages to make the class catch a laugh. Mrs. Burner's students are grateful for her dedication to teaching and the time they spend together in the classroom. “She’s nice and sweet when you are on her good side. She’s a very intelligent teacher and helps entertain the class with simple games like Gimkit.” comments Riddley W. “She’s a nice and awesome teacher. She really cares about her students more than the other teachers.” adds Imeara P.

Mrs. Burner’s influence and impact on her students is unforgettable. Her work and dedication to her students will never go unnoticed and her time here at Mayfair High is very appreciated. Hopefully she stays here at Mayfair for many years to come to help kids find their interest in Math and to use her wonderful skills to assist those who just need an extra little push in their work.

Credits to Cesar Guerrero Isaias and Sophia Dio

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