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Takt Op.Destiny: A Wonder of Animation

Around the beginning of this month, I found myself hooked on a new anime. The animation, concept, and music are all a wonderful combination of artistic wonder. takt op.Destiny is a new anime that is simulcasting new episodes on Crunchyroll, and in the first episode, it had already won my heart. The first scene alone illustrates it’s marvelous animation and music, and made me the most impressed I’ve been with an anime in a while.
The show is animated by Studio MAPPA, the studio who animated other shows such as Kakeguri, Jujutsu Kaisen, and the final season of Attack on Titan. takt op.Destiny is their latest project and they went above and beyond on the animation. Each and every action scene has wonderful physics and the exaggeration of certain movements truly make the fights feel alive and captivating.
The show's concept is about monsters that arrived on a black meteorite, they’re attracted to and aggravated by music which resulted in it being taboo to play. However, human weapons called Musicarts, and their Conductors, fight these beasts in hope that one day everyone could enjoy music again. The two main characters are Takt, the conductor, and his music art, Destiny. I guarantee that the world this show portrays and its wonderful animation will claim anyone's heart as it caught mine.
At the moment, the show has 9 episodes, and while not each is jam-packed with action, they all are a pleasure to watch. The wonder of this show is that it is similar to music in the way it portrays different emotions. I have little complaints with this show and I encourage everyone to watch it as soon as possible if this sounds interesting. If I were to give it a numerical score, I would rate it a 5/5.

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