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Super Nintendo World

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

For a year now many people, especially Californians, have been waiting for the new Super Nintendo World to open at Universal Studios Hollywood and it finally did. If you grew up with Mario and Luigi and want to feel the nostalgia, go to the Super Nintendo World and it will give you exactly that.

Although the space for the new world is small, it did give us a lot to look at. For example, everywhere you look there is something interesting and fun to look at. Everything is so full of color and gives us that nostalgic feeling by bringing the characters to real life. Entering the world, you go through a rainbow tunnel similar to if you were going through space and entering a new world. At the end of the tunnel you immediately see Bowser's castle and how wonderful it looks. Warning though, like I said in the beginning, the space is small so if you go on a weekend or a day where no one works or goes to school, it will 100% be crowded, especially since it just opened.

Not only does this world give you that nostalgic feeling by entering and looking at the building and characters but they also allow you to buy a bracelet that allows you to play games just like if you were in the actual game. For example, in the game you sometimes get coins by jumping up into a block. In the Nintendo world, if you have the bracelet, there are blocks where if you motion your arm up to it, it will give you points and make sounds like you are actually earning coins. AMAZING right? Another thing you can do to earn points is play small interactive games to kill the bad characters. The bracelet is amazing as you can use it as many times as you want but the only bad thing about it is that as of right now, you don’t really get anything for the points you earn and the price for one bracelet is $40.

The new world also has one new ride that many have mixed opinions on. Some say that it is now the best ride at Universal and others are saying that they expected more. I personally believe that the ride is amazing! Similar to the Cars ride at Disneyland California Adventure, you get on a Mario kart and race the people on the other side. The difference is that you actually feel like you are in a race with characters because of the newly introduced Mario caps that have see-through visors allowing the riders to see what's going on around them while also seeing the game characters.

Although some were disappointed either because of the ride or because of how much the bracelet costs without the points meaning anything, it is still a fun place to visit just like all the other little parks Universal Studios has.

Image Courtesy of Commons Wikimedia.

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