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Student Spotlight: Jazmin Garcia

This student spotlight is on Jazmin Garcia. She is currently a junior, which fellow students at the school can agree that it's your hardest year of high school. But nonetheless, she has a jam pack schedule. Jazmin’s school day has multiple AP and honors classes as well as club meetings and she ends her day with practice for her various sports.

Jazmin’s sports include tennis, soccer and is currently in season for track and field. In our interview, she talked about her time doing sports and said the following “It’s my first year doing multiple sports. Although it has been a lot, balancing with school work, and other hobbies, I tend to find it helpful and use it as an outlet from school and life in general.” Jazmin was one of the captains of girls JV soccer along with Courtney Cummings and Arlette Najera. We asked her how she felt being one of the captains and she said this “ It gave me a chance to step up and help out the girls more. Getting a “leader role” pushed myself to work hard not only for me but the team. I enjoyed seeing the girls improve and find themselves within the field. For example, trying new skills they thought they couldn’t achieve.”

Clubs here at Mayfair are everywhere and do a variety of things especially for the community and Jazmin is part of this action. She is part of MAP, Spanish, and Environmental Science Club. Including being the historian for the Environmental Science Club, and one of the co-vice presidents of Leo Club. She is also part of NHS and Leo Club; two of the most active clubs in terms of community service here at Mayfair.

Mayfair always wants students to get involved one way or another because students like Jazmin impact our community for the better. We appreciated every student for that and hope they continue doing so. To get a bit of insight in our interview with Jazmin we asked her why she chose to do all of this. “Sometimes I’m not sure and I think it’s too much from the AP and honors classes to my clubs and sports. However, the right answer would be pushing myself to work harder. I enjoy helping in the clubs, playing in tennis matches and soccer games, and running in meets. I push myself to do as much as I can now because high school is almost over and in the future I’m going to look back at all of these memories I made with life long friends.”

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