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Recently through social media apps like TikTok, there has been an uprising of interest in spirituality. Manifestation techniques, synchronicities and crystals all play a crucial role in attracting popularity towards the public. What I found was the most relatable were videos of people “claiming” to regain contact with their significant other. It is believed that by using rose quartz or carnelian, it will strengthen your manifestation to become your reality. One manifestation technique that has gained traction is the “369 method.” You write down what you are wanting to gain 3 times in the morning, 6 times throughout the day and 9 times towards the evening. A more subtle approach that you might not even know could be considered manifesting is by creating vision boards. This introduces the “law of attraction,” meaning whatever positive thoughts you have will come into fruition.

Lately people have gotten upset over the content creators on TikTok for romanticizing spirituality and claiming that they do not take it seriously. There have been a series of mixed emotions including spreading delusion amongst young viewers. Young teenage girls are seen in the comment section expressing their desperate need to fix things with their ex-boyfriends. Personally, relying on spirituality to bring your boyfriend back isn’t really practicing seriously. I have been on my own spiritual journey and it requires a lot of research. If you really want to gain more knowledge, there are books you can find in various crystal shops. Through actual knowledge, you will then learn the 7 stages of spiritual development. The fear, ego and power you experience throughout life is meant to diminish within gaining your inner self. Many people grow comfortable within themselves by mediation, which can also help reduce anxiety. In many ways, spirituality can help with mental health unlike other religions that could do more harm than good.

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