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Should Everyone Experience Living in Another Country?

Many people have a certain question that comes to mind ever so often, should everyone experience living in a whole different country? It’s good to experience living in another country because it exposes you to different ways of living and puts you into a different perspective, and also different types of food you could possibly eat! Experiencing living in another country allows people to learn about different cultures, and become more open-minded to things they usually don’t see from where they are.

There are many perks to living in a different country. Living in a different country can be a life-changing experience. Experiencing different customs, traditions, beliefs, and many more can help us have a better understanding towards other people and other parts of the world. Experiencing this can get us out of our comfort zone, and maybe get you to do things you wouldn’t expect yourself to do.

But there are also some cons in experience living in a whole different country. When I traveled to the Philippines, I was extremely shocked at how they drive there. It was completely different, and they didn’t have a GPS app to help navigate going from one place to another. You basically just depended on your instinct if you’re going the right way or not. Not only navigating to a new city, but also adapting to the life there. Seeing how people lived in the Philippines was completely different from the U.S. Instead of buses, they have jeepneys and tricycles. Transportation in the Philippines is way cheaper than the U.S. Many students from the Philippines rely on tricycles and jeepneys instead of getting dropped off normally by their parents. Experiencing life in the Philippines exposed me to different types of foods that I didn’t try before in the U.S. Trying the food from locals with different ingredients, spices, and flavors was a unique experience. With this, we can totally learn recipes that we can bring back home and introduce to our friends who haven’t tried food from different countries before.

Overall, living in a different country is quite the experience everyone should have. Learning a new language, trying different foods, culture, traditions, and beliefs are a reason why everyone should experience living in a different country.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

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