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Seniors and College Prep Month

Seniors! The time is upon us; it is now officially college prep month here at Mayfair. For those who don’t know what college prep intails, there are fun spirit days every Tuesday of this month, but more importantly, there are meetings every week about different higher education options. This is incredibly helpful because representatives from select colleges are coming on campus to discuss the need to know information about their schools. Which is important now more than ever because half the institutions have opened up their applications at the beginning of the month.

Some of the institutions coming on Campus are:

CSU´s: Fullerton, Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles, Long Beach.

UC´s: Santa Barbara, Riverside, Merced.

Junior Colleges: Long Beach, Cerritos, Cypress.

Others: University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University and Utah Tech.

During the College 101 presentation, Ms. Saucedo recommends using the California Colleges website as it compiles a lot about the college application process and makes applying a little easier. She also explained that most privates and out of states go by their own timelines, so those applications are due and open at various different dates. So if you're planning on applying there, you must do research on that.

This is definitely making seniors feel pressure and is making this real for them as well, but this shouldn’t be overwhelming. And if it is and you don’t understand how to apply or deal with this type of thing, definitely go to the College Career center in the STEAM building because they will be more than happy to help you. This is also where some of the college meetings will be. Overall, this is the start of the end for us seniors, but we should be excited to be looking into these schools and everything that comes with graduating.

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