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Senioritis & How it Affects Us

As the end of the school year approaches, seniors are being plagued with what is referred to as "Senior-itis". It's happened to 12th graders since the dawn of time, and as time rapidly hunches forward, the disease festers across the Senior class. This can come in many forms: completing assignments late, missing deadlines, or not showing up to school at all. It's incredibly contagious and can go viral in minutes.

I took the time to interview several of my peers to get their symptoms and make a diagnosis. Joseph Penn states, "I can feel (the end of the year) creeping up on me... If I get things done when I see it, I can overcome this." His classmate, Jayson Smith, claims to have a 4.0 GPA and still be affected by this phenomenon. "I hope I can graduate... it's not that hard right now, you got to have the discipline to overcome this. It's what you have when no one's watching."

Other peers had similar answers to my own, which is trying to push through the struggle of having senioritis. Melanie Aguilar, choir star, states, "I've been experiencing senioritis since middle school, due to my ADHD... I just wanna go somewhere and have fun." She laughs, adding "I'm passing, but it's extremely hard to stay motivated." In concurrence, Devin Prado states, "It's so difficult because the end of the year is right here." I think we can all agree with her when she says, "It makes it really hard to do the work and turn it in when your future is right there."

With the knowledge that this year is possibly the worst we seniors have come across, it's easy to lose hope and stop trying. However, that mindset is exactly why so many seniors have to repeat their schooling. We are at the finish line, literally meters away. The incentive to keep going is probably unappealing, but hold your head up!

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