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Racism In LA City Hall Investigation Widens

As of the 17th of January, 2023, LAPD took the decision to widen an investigation into a source that was leaked–showing racism in City Hall. Three of the city council members were caught on the leaked recording where they called a coworker’s adopted black son a “monkey”.

Many LA citizens and city council members were infuriated with the comments that were caught on the recording. Kevin De Leon, Gil Cedillo, Nury Martinez (the three city hall council members) were caught in a racist rant, and talking about who's district would represent USC once a certain deal would be finalized. They would be found talking bad about certain council members–two men who happen to be black.

It was revealed in the recording that Nury Martinez called city councilman Mike Bonin’s son a “fashion accessory”. Kevin de Leon would then add on and say, “El trae su accessory” which in English translates to “He brings his accessory” (The Young Turks). Nury Martinez would build off of that and comment, “El trae su negrito,” which is a racial slur–specifically used against the black community, and then adds on to say, “like on the side. Lo trae ¿Verdad? [in English this translates to “He brings him, right?”]” (The Young Turks) . Now bear in mind that his son is adopted and happens to be black. His son went to the MLK parade, and like any child, was excited and happy to celebrate such an important day. Later on in the audio provided by The Young Turks and FOX 11 Los Angeles, Nury Martinez would say, “There’s this white guy, with a black little kid, who’s misbehaved. Este niño [this kid] has no, he’s there not even…[cuts in and out periodically], there are doing, the kids bouncing of the effing walls on the float, practically tipping it over. They’re raising him like a white kid…like let me take him around the back and then bring him back” and chuckles as the others begin to laugh.

It’s an upsetting fact that not only are they openly talking and being racist towards a 2 year old kid and his father (Mike Bonin) who happens to be gay, but they also begin talking about what will give them more money. Cenk Uygur states, “They don’t like that the progressive members are against corruption and they’re mainly talking about real estate interests and how they are going to take money…the entire thing [everything they had talked about] is about corruption” (The Young Turks).

It’s difficult to comprehend considering the fact that these city council members usually tend to hide all of their corruption. There are several people within LA County that are in need of help– so many dying because of overdose, an increase in homelessness. It’s people like Nury Martinez, Kevin De Leon, and Gil Cedillo who create a bad reputation for the Latino community. And it’s not just the Latino community, this applies to all communities–-society as a whole.

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