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Poparrazzi App Review

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Poparazzi is a new social media app that was released on May 24, 2021. This app provides a network where you can add your friends and take photos of them and upload it on their profiles. The app is similar to how some paparazzi act towards celebrities and it makes you feel like a celebrity while people are taking pictures of you.
The app has a feature that provides a “pop” score to each profile. Those scores are counted when you “pop” your friend and when you get “popped” by your friends. The app uses the term “pop” as a way of saying to take a picture and getting “popped” means someone took a picture of you. Your profile is a collection of all the pictures your friends take of you after they tag you. Your profile also has two columns, one for the pictures others took of you and the other column is the pictures you took of others.
Since the app was released in May, there have been many updates to the app that include more features and make the app easier to use. . In their latest update, you are now able to interact with different photos. For example, it is now possible to send and receive emojis and messages from friends on the photos you upload, similar to other social media platforms.
The app has 4.6 reviews on the App Store with over 40k ratings. Poparazzi is free and is only available on iPhones in the App Store, ranked at #98 in photo & video apps.

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