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Pineapple on Pizza?

Does pineapple belong on pizza? This age-old question has rattled society since the controversial dish was created. When polled via my personal social media, it is shown that 55% of people think pineapple should be on pizza while the other 45% of voters said no to the topping. Why is it, though, that people have such strong opinions about a simple pizza topping? According to, pineapple is made up of about 12-15% of sugar, also containing a significant amount of acidic contents. The acid in this fruit is often covered up by high amounts of sugar allowing it to be enjoyable when eaten. The complex flavor profile of pineapple is commonly paired with a salty ham which creates a lovely combination of flavors on top of the pizza. This culinary technique is known as Flavor Layering and it gives the person eating the dish an intricate flavor experience which keeps them coming back for more. However, it is also found that some people carry a genetic trait which makes them more sensitive to bitter flavors, such as those found in pineapple. By having the bitter and acidic flavors of pineapple more amplified than the sweet parts, pineapple loses its characteristic flavor which balances with other toppings to make the pizza palatable. Despite this information, a strong majority of people enjoy pineapple on pizza. Ultimately though, this all comes down to a matter of opinion. What do you think? Does pineapple truly belong as a pizza topping or should it stay away from this Italian dish?

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Clifford Ouano
Clifford Ouano
May 06

Bravo on sparking such an engaging conversation about the controversial pineapple pizza! Also, I found another blog with similar thoughts on this topic. I want to know your opinion on this. 

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