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Pharmaceutical’s Production of Weight Loss Drugs

Liraglutide, also known as Victoza, is a medication typically given to type 2 diabetic patients. In some cases the medication is prescribed to help fight chronic obesity, but in recent years this drug has been abused by celebrities. A certain pharmacy by the name of Novo Nordisk has partnered with Skinny Jab to promote rapid weight loss. The injection is inserted in the stomach in order to reduce the feelings of hunger. That is where the catchphrase “removing hunger from the equation” came from and would ultimately lead to people abusing the drug. Famous celebrities, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, were posting TikTok videos when viewers realized they were losing weight rapidly. Khole Kardashian personally denied these allegations made against her, claiming that she never used Ozempic or any alternate weight loss medication.

Ozempic contains semaglutide which is a similar ingredient to liraglutide since they both have peptides. Ozempic has been around and is a more common drug used by influencers and it has been proven that it works more efficiently than Victoza. However, Victoza is primarily promoted to reduce symptoms of diabetes and is safe for 10 year old children. In some cases, some celebrities are not even aware that they are consuming the drug. Chelsea Handler emphasized that her “anti-aging doctor just hands them out to everybody” and realized how one day it could backfire. This could specifically target teenagers because the media has a tendency to have a negative influence on them. The drugs might become so popular to the point where it can no longer be kept a secret within the community.

It is important to explain to the public the main negative impact these sorts of drugs have on the body. Oftentimes, weight loss drugs can cause damage to your cardiovascular system because it increases blood pressure and heart rate. Aside from the physical aspect, it could affect your mental health as well. Feelings of nervousness can be connected to anxiety and the lack of sleep is the cause of insomnia. When someone has been using the medications for a long period of time and decides to quit, this is usually followed with a withdrawal. Your body becomes so dependent that it may become difficult to lose weight in a healthier manner. If social media were to bring light and expose the secrets of most influencers, then we could even create a normalized version of body images. As of now, promoting good physical appearance will help combat this ongoing dilemma.

Image Courtesy of Pavel Danilyuk

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