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Park of the Day: Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This summer I went to the happiest place on earth, Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida. In Disney World, there are four different parks; Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. All of these parks are very unique in every way.

Today we are going to cover the nature and beautiful wildlife park, Animal Kingdom (attraction edition). Animal Kingdom was a mix of zoos and theme park rides. I love Animal Kingdom because of a safari ride called Kilimanjaro Safaris. In this ride you can see the varieties of different animals from Africa such as okapi, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, lions, gazelles, and cheetahs. I never thought that I would be so fascinated with these animals.

If you are tired from the blazing hot sun burning your skin, you can go to the show: Festival of Lion King. Not only do you enjoy fresh air conditioning, you can enjoy a show full of singing, dancing, and acrobats. My favorite part in the entire show was when the song “Be prepared” (Great song by the way!). There was a fire dancer and it was amazing. The way they breathed fire and how fire surrounded the stage.

My biggest recommendations are Avatar Flight of Passage, DINOSAUR, Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, and Na’vi River Journey.

My number one favorite was Expedition Everest because of its many unexpected twists of events. Such as when the coaster goes to its highest point and there’s a sudden drop. It’s a thrilling ride to go on if you want something exciting. My second favorite would be the Avatar Flight of Passage, this ride is a bit similar to Disney’s Soarin’ Around the World. Instead you are flying on a Banshee (a winged beast) all over the wonders of Pandora (planet). It is filled with all different citrus smells, creatures, and enjoy the scenery, it is beautiful. The Na’vi River Journey is also pretty relaxing and full of vibrant colors.

Unfortunately, when I went on this ride, I didn’t get to see the animatronic, The Na’vi Shaman. Probably because it malfunctioned or broke down. So instead I just had the screen of the character.

The last ride to review is DINOSAUR. This ride is completely insane. It's pretty bumpy like the Indiana Jones ride at Adventure Land of Disneyland. It was pitch dark and I couldn't see much. One of my bags flew off the ride. Fortunately I was able to receive the bag back at the end of the day.

Just a reminder: People, hold on to your belongings! Don’t do anything ignorant.

Overall, Animal Kingdom is a fun and interactive park. For people that love nature and wildlife such as myself, this will be your favorite park. I love the varieties of different lizards, birds and mammals. I 100% recommend this park to anyone looking to go on a joy ride.

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