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Oscar Winning Movie: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a movie that was released on March 10, 2022. With many nominations in the Critics Choice Awards and Oscar Awards, this movie has to be on my top 10 on my watch list. I was pretty skeptical about hearing this movie for the first time, but when my friend decided to stream it to me in a call, I decided to give it a go. Plus it won a lot of awards. So why not?! I was confused how the story went, but as it kept playing I understood it. This movie had displayed a very good concept of the multiverse, and the difference in behavior in different universes. EEAAO (Everything Everywhere All At Once) is such a moving movie, along with a cool concept of the multiverse. This movie had a lot of hilarious moments, deep meanings, and it was also pretty sad. This movie left me with both laughter and sadness. But it was a good kind of sadness. I feel great empathy towards the characters in this movie, and the actors in this movie did such an amazing job composing everything.

The movie is composed of three parts. Part one for everything, part two for everywhere, and part three for all at once. While watching the movie, part one was definitely everything. Evelyn’s husband from a different universe alerts her that she needed to do an important mission. In part two, Evelyn’s mind starts dispersing and discovers other ranges of different universes, one where people have hotdogs as fingers, and one where she works alongside a chef that is puppeted by a raccoon. And finally the last part, all at once. Jobu Tupaki and Evelyn Wang finally reunite together as a family in a totally different universe that was similar to the beginning.

The whole movie was definitely chaotic, and some parts of the movie were a bit confusing to understand. But I gave it a second chance and watched it again. And now it all made perfect sense. It’s all over the place but it was a good movie.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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