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New Drop: “California and Me” by Laufey

Icelandic singer-songwriter Laufey, best known for her heartbreaking lyrics and fairytale-like harmonies, has recently released a new song called “California and Me”. The song is set to appear on her studio album Bewitched. The song deals with ideas of heartbreak as well as reminiscing on what could have been.

On the surface, this song is Laufey’s experience with losing her partner to one of their previous relationships. Diving deeper into the lyrics, the story only expands. She goes into details about how she almost could predict that her lover would eventually leave her. At the very beginning of the song, she reflects on this and even begins to recognize their differences. She knows that her lover is not originally from LA, and is most likely from New York, so there could be a preference present. Los Angeles doesn’t mean as much to Laufey’s partner as it does to her.

An extremely large part of the song is that this lover is not only leaving Laufey, but leaving California as well. She places that same amount of value on herself and the state she lives in. We already theorized that Laufey’s lover’s point of origin is New York but it’s deeper than that. California is where they started their story; their relationship. Also, Laufey is L.A. based and has roots connecting her to the city. The memories between her and her lover are sprinkled all throughout California, forever staying. So, she sees them leaving as not only an abandonment of her but also them abandoning the memories and the love they built in California.

Another theme in the song is feeling like the “other woman” and comparisons to other people your partner has been with. Laufey is rightfully upset with their leaving but also has an acceptance of it. She recognizes that she wasn’t the “one” for her partner but can’t stop the feelings of betrayal. Laufey believes she will never compare to the relationship that her lover has with their ex.

With magical melodies and all too relatable lyrics, Laufey’s “California and Me” is a heartbreaking story told absolutely beautifully.

Image courtesy of Wikkimedia Commons.

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