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Nashville Tennessee: 6 Victims Left Dead

Monday morning, students were headed to school. But unfortunately, in Tennessee a school shooting occurred. The gunman, a 28-year old female, tragically took 6 lives Monday morning. The 28-year old female by the name of Audrey Hale, shot three 9-year olds and three staff members at a private Christian academy. Audrey Hale was a former student at this academy and her motive still remains unknown. The shocking part of this situation was that this shooter was a female and was under doctor’s care for emotional disorder. They also found out that the shooter had a collection of guns at the location of the shooting. The two guns Hale was armed with were; an assault rifle and a handgun.

Before Audrey shot up the academy, she told a friend that she didn’t want to continue living anymore. Following that, she warned that friend that bad things were about to happen. Her friend reported Audrey to a national suicide prevention line, and called the cops, but she was too late. Audrey shot 3 students and 3 other adults. Audrey entered the building by shooting through glass doors, before attacking the staff and the students.

Still to this day, her motive was unknown. It was also revealed that Hale was receiving care from her doctor for “emotional disorder”. She had no criminal history whatsoever, so this was quite surprising.

The victims that were shot were identified Tuesday. The three children who got shot were Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, they were only 9-years old. Their lives were cut so short, and my condolences go out to their families. The other three were adults that worked at the private academy; Katherine Koonce, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, and custodian Mike Hill. My condolences also go out to their families and loved ones as well. The Nashville community and the school are all grieving the lives lost in this terrible shooting incident.

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