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Movie Review: Turning Red

On February 21, the media went wild over a newly released movie called Turning Red. The trailer of this movie depicts the plot as somewhat confusing. When I first watched the trailer I was confused as to why so many people were intrigued and eager to watch it. The official trailer illustrates a group of young quirky girls, one of which finds out that any strong emotion she feels triggers her into becoming a red panda. The trailer briefly explains that this unique trait is due to her past ancestry. Like I said, when I first watched this trailer I was confused and genuinely thought that Disney was just making bad movies since they're running out of ideas. You can imagine that when I went in to watch this movie I expected little to nothing in terms of the actual quality of the plot but to say the least I was utterly surprised.

The main takeaway from this movie was really just how important the connection between a mother and daughter is. This movie told a deep story about the struggles of constantly trying to be the perfect child but obviously failing like anyone else. I now understand why this movie received all the media attention because it hits close to home for a lot of young kids in today's day and age. I was surprised that Disney bought in such a bold and unique element that none of its past movies have seen.

Although I respect Disney for bringing up a huge issue in their movie the plot was a little weird. I understood why and how she was able to become a red panda but it was just such a weird and random concept that was a little hard to grasp. Despite that small factor of the movie I otherwise thought it was amazing and hope to continue to notice Disney's strive for systematic change within multiple different communities. If you would like to watch “Turning Red” it is available on Disney Plus. I definitely recommend that you give this movie a chance and watch it

Rating 4/5

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