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Milk Bucket 2022

On Friday, September 9th, Mayfair played a home game against Lakewood for the Milk Bucket. With this win during the game, Mayfair has been in possession of the Milk Bucket since 2014. The game ended with 27 points for Mayfair and 8 points for Lakewood. It was a tough game, since it was raining throughout the entirety of it. Despite the weather, both students and parents showed an immense amount of school spirit.

Interestingly enough, there’s actual historical context behind the reason why Mayfair and Lakewood fight for the Milk Bucket on the occasions that they go against each other. Both high schools are located on grounds that used to be fields or areas for cows and milk production in the olden days. So now, the schools fight for possession of a Milk Bucket Trophy in the town’s honor. This tradition has been followed since 1962. However, it’s not an annual occurrence because the two schools aren’t in the same district.

One of the of the major events on the field was during first quarter when Joseph Aguilar, #9, made the first touchdown of the game for Mayfair. Additionally, Mercedes Sibrian, #31, made the amazing kick, which earned us an extra point. Mayfair made another touchdown with a minute left when Evan Tomich, #2, completed a 30 yard pass to Gerald Myles, #13. This set the score to 13 for Mayfair and 0 for Lakewood. During the second quarter, Medrick Burnett, #18, made a rushing touchdown. Then, Matt Ward, #21, made the kick for an extra point, which ended the half as 20 for Mayfair and 0 for Lakewood.

Usually there’s a halftime performance by the marching band and colorguard, but they were unable to perform due to the rain. In the beginning of the third quarter, there were multiple turnovers, but halfway through the quarter Lakewood got a safety. When the last quarter came, Mayfair had a few notable plays. Including a 25 yard touchdown pass by Evan Tomich, #2, to Owen Tomich, #19. But with under a minute left, Lakewood made a final touchdown. This ended the game with 27 points for Mayfair to 8 points for Lakewood.

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